"Dr. Boss recommended acupuncture when I was suffering with Belle's palsy-complete paralysis of the left side of my face. I am convinced it is the reason I had such a speedy recovery. "

"I had been having neck and shoulder pain for a few months and nothing was helping i decided to give the chiropractors a second chance and when to go see Doctor Boss and he recommended acupuncture and it was the only thing that help i did one treatment and i have been with no pain for a few weeks now...the staff was nice and the doctor was very on point with my diagnosis..."

"I used to go to Dr. Boss years ago when I would hurt myself at the gym from time to time. He always helped me with the pain from heavy weight strains and back problems. A few years ago I had a painful problem in the muscle running from my neck down my left shoulder. I could barely turn my head to the left without bad pain. I tried heat, massage, everything. He suggested I try accupuncture. I was sceptical and didn't like needles. He said he had some spray he would use first so I wouldn't feel the needle go in. When he inserted ONE needle, the knot in my shoulder and the pain was gone IMMEDIATELY. I was totally amazed. I have gone to other chiropractors before, but none compare to Dr. Boss. As long as he is in practice, I will never go to anyone else. I am making an appointment for my daughter who is having aches and pain she can't identify the reason for. She has never been to a chiropractor in her 27 years of life. I would trust no one but Dr. Boss to help her."
John C.

Had been having middle back pain consistently for over a month. Got a referral from my PCP to Dr. Boss. First treatment pain intensified that day then miraculously subsided. Did an MRI to assure nothing else was going on then continued treatments for a few months. The staff is extremely friendly, Dr Boss is super knowledgeable and I am no longer living in constant pain. Highly recommend and will be back if any issues occur. Thanks Dr Boss!
Sam G.

The best. You can't and won't find a better chiropractor they can take care of you and all your needs from head to toe thank you for all you've done.
James S.