Could Your Workout be the Cause of Your Shoulder Blade Pain?

Written By Bear Creek Chiropractic Clinic on February 17, 2020

Shoulder Pain Treatment in Houston TexasDo you ever experience sharp, shooting pains in your shoulders? What about a dull ache in your shoulder blade that never seems to go away? 

Shoulder blade pain is not just annoying – it can be debilitating, leading to numbness and weakness in your arms or excruciating headaches. 

Thankfully, your Houston chiropractor can help!

What Causes Shoulder Blade Pain and Can a Houston Chiropractor Help?

There are many causes of shoulder blade pain, including auto accidents, heavy lifting, and over-training at the gym. That’s right – your workouts can, at times, be doing more harm than good. 

Your chiropractor has a safe, natural, effective solution for you, though.  

How Your Chiropractor Can Ease Your Pain

It isn’t uncommon to experience sore muscles after a hard workout. However, that type of soreness should go away within a day or two. Sustained pain can be a sign of an injury, like a torn rotator cuff.

If you have shoulder pain that won’t go away, your Houston chiropractor can help with laser therapy. 

Laser treatment heals the body on a cellular level, giving the body the chance to heal quickly and helping to prevent long-term damage and pain. 

In addition to laser therapy, your chiropractor might recommend adjustments (especially if a pinched nerve in your neck causes your pain) and/or acupuncture

Get Treatment from Someone Who Understands Your Pain

Dr. Robert Boss has been involved in sports from a very young age. Throughout his life, he’s sustained multiple injuries, the healing of which has been accelerated by chiropractic care.

Dr. Boss understands your pain and your wish to get back to the gym as quickly as possible. With his years of experience and commitment to continuing education, you can be sure you’re going to receive the best treatment in Houston. 

Do you have pain during or after a workout? Contact us at 281-463-3223 to schedule an appointment. We’ll help you get relief! 

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