Chest and Rib Cage Pain - Is It a Heart Attack or Spine Misalignment?

Written By Bear Creek Chiropractic Clinic on January 17, 2020

Spinal Alignment in Houston Texas by Bear Creek Chiropractic ClinicChest pain is scary, and not something that should be taken lightly. 

Pain in your chest could be an indicator of a serious problem, like a heart attack. 

Rib cage pain could also be a sign of spinal misalignment. When you experience this type of pain, it can be so intense that you might question whether you’re having a heart attack or not. 

Thankfully, your Houston chiropractor can provide you with safe, effective chest pain treatment. 

What You Can Expect from Chiropractic Chest Pain Treatment in Houston

When you schedule an appointment with your chiropractor, you’ll go through an evaluation first, and then receive your custom chest pain treatment plan. 

Screening to Rule Out Heart or Lung Disease

To start, your chiropractor will screen you for lung and cardio issues. If your chest pain is related to anything but your spine, your chiropractor will quickly refer you to a GP or cardiologist or recommend a trip to the emergency room. 

Chest Pain Treatment for Rib Cage Pain

Once lung and heart issues have been ruled out, you’ll be evaluated for spinal misalignment. Driving, your sleeping position, lifting heavy objects, or even coughing/sneezing, can cause a rib to go out of alignment, leading to rib cage pain. 

In addition to treating the misalignment with chiropractic adjustments, you’ll also receive laser treatments. These treatments heal on a cellular level, which can strengthen the tendons and ligaments around your ribs to help prevent misalignment down the road. 

Suffering from Rib Cage Pain? Contact Your Houston Chiropractor Today

Dr. Robert Boss is committed to giving you the very best treatment available. To that end, he will work closely with your physician and/or cardiologist to ensure you get the chest pain treatment you really need. 

Schedule an evaluation with Dr. Boss to find out what’s causing the pain and to get relief as quickly as possible.

Do you experience occasional chest pain? Contact us today at 281-463-3223 to schedule a screening.

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