A Combined Approach to Your Herniated Disc Treatment

Written By Bear Creek Chiropractic Clinic on July 4, 2018

Just been diagnosed with a herniated disc? Then you’ll know just how excruciatingly painful, uncomfortable, and debilitating they are.

How will you ever find some relief? By seeking herniated disc treatment at your local chiropractors in Houston. 

Why is Chiropractic Such an Effective Herniated Disc Treatment? 

Unlike many other conventional treatments, chiropractic care doesn’t just enlist the help of one specific treatment or medication. Rather, it utilizes a number of different tried-and-tested techniques to create a tailored approach for each individual patient.

Therefore, when you visit your chiropractor for help with a herniated disc, they’ll first examine the area to pinpoint the issue. And, after going over your medical history in detail with you, they’ll discuss their treatment choices for you – which often involves several combined elements. 

What May Be Involved in Your Herniated Disc Treatment? 

To ensure you get the results you’re looking for from your treatment, your chiropractor may utilize the following treatment types: 

Chiropractic: This involves age-old techniques that chiropractors around the world have been using for hundreds of years. From spinal manipulation to massage therapy, all of this involves the use of hands (and sometimes some additional aids) to apply pressure and stimulation to the target area. This can help realign your spinal discs and rid any pressure and tension.

Laser Therapy: Using infra-red light over the problem area, this helps encourage your spinal disc to heal (using its own natural healing powers) while also reducing any inflammation and providing pain relief. 

Acupuncture: Working to improve/correct the flow of qi (your life force) in your back and around your body, this helps relieve tension in muscles and also releases endorphins which help alleviate pain. 

Spinal Decompression: Revered as an effective treatment, spinal decompression involves lying on a table that has moving parts. By isolating certain areas of your back, the chiropractor can create traction and relaxation which is key to taking pressure off your disc, promoting a healthy healing environment, and realigning your spine. 

Rehab: Finally, to make sure your recovery is ongoing at home and with forthcoming visits to the chiropractor’s office, you’ll be given some stretches and exercises to do that will aid your recovery. Your chiropractor may also suggest some lifestyle and dietary changes that you can make. 

Here at Bear Creek Clinic, we use a combined approach to herniated disc treatments, creating a unique treatment plan that gets you back doing what you love in no time at all. To hear more call us today on 281-463-3223. 

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