Low Back Pain Treatment and Chiropractic Care: Why the Two Go Hand in Hand

Written By Bear Creek Chiropractic Clinic on May 4, 2018

80% of us will have to endure pain in our lower backs at some point. 

These might be dull, ongoing pains that allow us to carry on with our day-to-day tasks, despite being uncomfortable. Or they may incapacitate us completely, becoming life-limiting.

Does this sound familiar? 

Then now’s the time to discover the benefits of chiropractic care. 

Did you know that more than a third of those visiting their local chiropractor in America are doing so because they want help with back pain?

This is largely down to the fact that chiropractic has been proven as an effective low back pain treatment. 

What Causes People to Need Low Back Pain Treatment? 

Have there been any changes to your lifestyle that coincide with your back pain? For example, pregnancy, weight gain, and less exercise can be contributing factors toward this type of pain – as can age. 

Or, have you been lifting heavy objects at work or home?

Without the right techniques, this may have caused undue pressure on your back, resulting in low back pain caused by tiny muscle tears or perhaps even a disc injury. 

Visiting your local chiropractor in Houston will pinpoint the exact cause of your pain. 

What Will Your Low Back Pain Treatment Involve? 

By conducting a physical examination of the problem area (and your entire back), your chiropractor can establish which techniques are going to be most beneficial to you. 

The type of treatment plan required will depend on your individual needs and the root cause of the problem. And in order to provide effective relief from your symptoms, your chiropractor will tailor a program specifically for you. 

This may include manual adjustments which are age-old chiropractic techniques that involve placing gentle force on the area. By steadily moving the pressure around with their hands, they can realign your spine. They’ll also massage surrounding muscles in order to rid any tension that’s built up there. 

And the best bit?

Even after your initial consultation, you should start to notice your pain alleviating. 

What’s more, your chiropractor will provide you with some at-home guidance, including exercises and dietary changes, that’ll help speed up the recovery process even further. 

With all of this beneficial advice and your own dedicated treatment program, not only should your low back pain be eradicated once and for all, but it should also prevent you from sustaining injuries in the future. 

For drug-free low back pain treatment, get in touch with our specialist team today on 281-463-3223. 

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